Your Dental Hygienist and Your Mouth

A dental hygienist is a certified dental professional and is a member of a dental association or other regulatory organisation in the location of practice. Dental hygienists are healthcare experts who can either work independently or in collaboration with dentists as a team. They provide all kinds of oral health services and are equipped with the education and expertise to help prevent and treat various kinds of oral diseases.

Role of a dental hygienist

The primary job of a dental hygienist is to carry out periodontal therapy. It includes periodontal charting, periodontal debridement and cleaning for patients suffering from periodontal disease.

Dental hygienists are also skilled to undertake examinations, conduct diagnosis, administer fluoride, study intra-oral radiographs, and offer oral hygiene advice specific to a patient. Several dental hygienists also work and share several tasks at orthodontic clinics.

Below is a quick look at the various job responsibilities of a dental hygienist:

  • Screening procedures for patients like the examination of oral health, health history review, screening/testing for oral cancer and so on.
  • Working with dental radiographs or x-rays
  • Cleaning up of plaque and calculus from the surface of the teeth
  • Application of protective materials such as fluorides and sealants
  • Guiding patients with regards to the benefits of proper nutrition and its effect on oral health and hygiene
  • Giving instructions to patients about correct oral hygiene practices and techniques-brushing, flossing etc.

Importance of seeking advice from a dental hygienist

Your dentist would be able to correctly diagnose and treat a dental problem. However, when a dentist and dental hygienist work in a team, you also get the advantage of learning about preventive care.

You could greatly benefit by acting upon the oral care advice of your dental hygienist. Your dental hygienist will guide you about the correct methods for brushing and flossing your teeth. He/She will also educate you about the top rated OTC products to buy to maintain the best oral hygiene.

Typically, a visit to the dental hygienist would involve removal of gunk from the gums and teeth which is otherwise difficult to get rid of. This includes cleaning up of stains, tartar and plaque.

A dental hygienist can save you from undergoing any painful or invasive dental procedures by keeping a check on your routine oral hygiene practices. So you could greatly benefit from a team comprising of both a dentist and dental hygienist.

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It is important to seek and act upon the advice of your dental hygienist if you wish to maintain good oral hygiene for a lifetime. At Smile Artistry, we guide you with regards to good oral healthcare practices. Book an appointment with us today for your complete oral health.