Dental Implants

Dental implants are the treatment to replace missing, loose or broken teeth. Dental implants are used when they integrate with the jawbone and act as a replacement tooth root. A Crown is attached onto the dental implant to rebuild the top of the tooth.

Dental Implants have two main treatment phases. Firstly, the Dental Implant is placed into the jawbone. Secondly, the Dental Implant has the top of the tooth placed, the crown and abutment. These two stages have been traditionally performed with between 3-6 months healing in-between.


Smile Artistry has advanced technologies and can complete your Dental Implant Treatment from start to finish, from the surgery to the porcelain crown being made onsite with our experienced Dental Ceramists, even your ongoing hygiene, checkups and followup care. From your first Dental Implant Consultation, Smile Artistry makes use of its onsite Conebeam CT 3D Digital X-Rays system and onsite Dental Laboratory to create a virtual 3D model of your mouth.  

As a full service Brisbane dental implant practice, Smile Artistry can help you find the dental implant that works for you. The first step for a dental implant is a consultation with an implant dentist, where detailed scans of your jaw can be taken in order to plan for the procedure.

Dental Implant Consultations

A Dental Implant Consultation is your chance to explore the Dental Implant Options that are suitable to your circumstances. State-of-the-Art high-def 3D Jaw Scans are taken to allow our Dentists work with you to develop the most accurate and personalised Dental Implant Plan which details recommended treatments, costs involved and appointments required. Extended and Up-front Payment Options will be discussed and our staff can answer any questions you may have.


Dental Implant Costs 

Smile Artistry uses the latest tools and techniques to bring you long-term Dental Implant Care. Our Dental Implant prices and costs are customary for our quality service. Our Dental Implant Treatment is guaranteed for five years (conditions apply). Check out our dental prices and costs

Emergency dental implant services

We understand that loosing a tooth is a traumatic experience that is difficult to cope with. Our Dental Practice allows for emergency times to look after your Dental emergency and where suitable, we often make arrangements to provide you with a temporary tooth (loaded on the implant, or bonded temporarily to adjacent teeth) so that you do not go without a tooth. Before you have your tooth removed we recommend having a Dental Implant Consultation, ensuring that if it is possible, the dental implant may be placed at the same time as your extraction.

Recovery from dental implant surgery

Recovery from a Dental Implant Procedure is in most cases quick and managed with very little pain relief. Depending on the extent of the procedure, patients with just a single dental implant will experience light discomfort for 24 hours, requiring just a few Panadol or Ibuprofen tablets. Patients having larger treatments such as a full jaw of dental implants will experience mild discomfort and bruising peaking by 3 days and will be prescribed Panadiene with Codiene. To reduce discomfort during recovery it is important to: take antibiotics, take anti-inflammatories, rest, reduce chewing during recovery and follow cleaning instructions such as using mouthwash.


Our Dental Implant Gallery is a photographic display of patients who have received Dental Implant care entirely at Smile Artistry, from treatment planning and workup, through to surgery then creation of the Dental Implant Crowns.

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