Basic Checkup and Clean

A Quality Checkup and Clean to introduce New Patients to Smile Artistry and give basic dental checks along with an initial, basic cleaning appointment.

Basic Checkup with an Experienced Dentist

Initial, Basic Leaning Appointment with Dental Hygienist

Ask any questions baout your teeth



ADA Codes: 011,141,121

Further Information

You may require further tests, imaging and c-rays to determine your dental health.  Your Dentist will advise if these extra tests are necessary.  If time allows, these tests can be done a tthe appointment, or you can return at a later time.  Additional Tests will be capped if perforemed within two weeks of the initial appointment.  in this instance, the costs and caps are as below"

$100 cap
X-rays are needed to identify health/gum disease/decay in-between teeth and under fillings and are often taken very 1-3 years. ADA codes 022, 037

$199 cap
Models, photos, 3-D teeth scans, CBCT 3D Radiography.  ADA Codes 026,071,072,073,091 as clinically indicated

This offer is at the discretion of the Practice Manager.