Detailed Dental Assessment

Smile Artistry's services are tailored for high quality and personalised dental care.  From the start of your New Patient Appointment we want to take the time so you can make the right decisions about your Dental Health and Dental Treatment Options. Your New Patient Experience should set-off in the right direction and build for a relationship of trust and respect for optimal Dental Health.  Detailed Dental Assessment Brochure

For these reasons, Smile Artistry has a complete system for Detailed Dental Assessment Appointments, not rushed, not by emergency, it is an appropriate starting point for our New Patients who will come to trust Smile Artistry and benefit from our high-quality Dental Care.

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Detailed Dental Assessment Appointment includes:
Examination Appointment
X-Rays - 3D Conebeam, OPG, and Intraoral (Bitewings and PAs)
Digital Photos (intraoral and extraoral)
3D Mouth Scan
Personal Smile Design and Blueprint
Treatment Presentation Appointment

Detailed Dental Assessment

Your New Patient Appointment includes a Comprehensive Dental Exam and Assessment for capped cost of $299* for a 60 minute appointment.
(Total appointment value is $900).

During your New Patient Appointment your Dentist will review your previous dental care, medical history and diagnostic forms and complete a comprehensive exam and assessment of your gums, teeth, bite and smile.  Necessary X-Rays, Digital X-Ray CBCT Scans and a Digital Mouth Scan will be taken.

The Digital Mouth Scan is the most exciting diagnostic tool in Dentistry in the recent years. In just a minute a camera scans your mouth, taking a digital 3D copy, all without impressions.  This Digital Mouth Scan provides invaluable information and recordings of your entire mouth, recording what is changing over time, what teeth are wearing down, what teeth are moving, what gum levels are changing over time.  Even in emergencies it allows the Dentist to revert back to get an older shape of your teeth if need be.  

At your Treatment Presentation Appointment you will be presented with a Detailed Dental Report covering the health of your mouth, Personal Smile Design and Blueprint, Recommended Treatments, Alternative Treatments, Necessary Appointments and the Dental Costs will all be presented.

At Smile Artistry we recognise the importance of healthy teeth and gums through Preventive Dental Care.  Our Dental Hygienists are responsible for your Preventive Dental Care and your Dental Appointments will be scheduled as necessary following your New Patient Appointment. 

Preparing for Your New Patient Appointment

Booking a New Patient Appointment can be done through the adjacent form on the New Patient webpage or by calling us on 38703344.

Following the booking of your New Patient Appointment, your Treatment Coordinator will email you a Welcome Kit.  In this Welcome Kit you will find a Letter, Map and Directions, and Medical and Dental Forms.

So that your Treatment Coordinator and Dentist can get to know you better and so that they can be prepared in order to make the most of your time during your Appointment, we require your completed forms 24 hours before your Appointment.  Download your Medical and Dental Form You can complete and email them in reply to your Welcome Kit Email.

When you arrive for your New Patient Appointment you will be greeted by your Treatment Coordinator who will complete an Introduction to Smile Artistry and answer any questions you may have about Smile Artistry.

Your Treatment Coordinator will then introduce you to your Dentist and your Dentist will undertake your New Patient Appointment.  At the end of your New Patient Appointment, your Treatment Coordinator will be able to summarise and make sense of the overly technicial things your Dentist discussed.  Your Treatment Coordinator will detail the recommendations and future appointments.  A Detailed Dental Report will then be presented in a separate Appointment in the following week.  Appointment and Payment Options and Plans will be detailed both in writing and verbally.  At this stage you are considered a Patient of Smile Artistry and are able to have the Recommended Appointments scheduled.

Welcome to Smile Artistry, and we look forward to providing you with high quality and personalised Dental Care.