Root Canal

At Smile Artistry™ it is our goal to help you preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime, so you can smile with confidence.  Root Canal does this by giving your tooth a second chance. It removes pain, sensitivity and other issues by removing a symptomatic nerve.

Root Canal Treatments (Endodontic Therapy) treat pathology inside a tooth (also called the pulp). A common cause of Root Canal Disorders are Dental Decay or Tooth Cracks that spread into the nerve area of the tooth.  We believe in saving teeth (instead of removing them) where the tooth remains strong enough for long-term success. Therefore we make every effort at Smile Artistry™ to help you keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.

How do you know if you need Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatments are used to fix:

  • Severe Tooth Sensitivity
  • Tooth Ache
  • Damage to the Nerve of a Tooth
  • Biting Discomfort in a tooth
  • Deep decay or fillings which go into the Root Canal inside a tooth
  • Cracks which go into the Root Canal inside a tooth
  • Trauma to a tooth effecting the nerve inside a tooth

When a tooth sustains damage to the nerve (root canal) it will either be able to recover or it will become inflammed and die.  This could make the tooth extra snesitive or give tooth-ache.  In these instances, the nerve is removed from inside the root canal of the tooth in a process called Root Canal Treatment.  Sensitivity and discomfort will dissappear immediately in most cases.

What Happens During Treatment?

The tooth is numbed and any fillings, decay or cracks are removed to get access to the root canal inside the tooth.  The nerve is cleaned from inside the root canal and a root canal antibiotic is placed for a one week period.  Following this, the final root canal filling is placed during the second appointment and the top of the tooth is sealed with a Crown or Filling.

At Smile Artistry™ our Dentists have undertaken advanced training in the latest endodontic techniques. We use the latest in endodontic instrumentation, with the use of K3 rotary nickel titanium instrumentation. The latest of equipment together with our highly skilled Dentists contribute to a painless and comfortable experience for our patients.

These pictures are courtesy of SybronEndo and illustrate the latest in Rotary Nickel Titanium Instrumentation.

Treatment required: Local Anaesthetic, Drilling, Cleaning and shaping of canal, disinfecting, antibiotics, temporary, flushing canals, final root filling placement

Number of Appointments: Two

Subsequent Treatment: Crown on tooth

Typical Treatment Plan includes:

Visit One: Removal of Nerve, shaping of canal and placement of antibiotics

Visit Two: Placement of final Root Filling

Treatment time: 1-2 weeks

Followup required: Crown, 12 monthly review with x-ray, Regular Check-ups, bite adjustment, Cleaning of teeth and gums six monthly 

Who performs my Root Canal Treatment?

In most cases, a Smile Artistry Dentist will be able to complete your Root Canal Treatment in two painless visits.  Occasionally, when your tooth requires special attention, or when you have previously had Root Canal Treatment which requires further attention, you will be referred to see a Specialist Endodontist.

After Treatment Instructions

After your first root canal visit when the nerve is removed, you should feel some mild discomfort for 24-48 hours when chewing on the tooth.  The discomfort is not significant and does not require pain relief.  This discomfort is due to the anti-bacterial actions of the medication placed inside the tooth.  You should no longer feel any toothache or tooth sensitivity.  After your second visit there should be minimal or no discomfort. 

Your Smile Artistry™ Dentist will recommend whether a crown, onlay or filling is placed on the tooth following its root canal treatment.  It is usual that to seal the tooth effectively, a crown is placed on the tooth, and to get the best results this is best done within 30 days of completion of the root canal treatment.

A Final Word

Throughout your root canal treatment, you may have questions or concerns not covered here. At Smile Artistry™ we will make every effort to ensure your comfort during root canal treatment. And we're happy to answer any questions you may have. Our goal at Smile Artistry™ is to help you preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime, so you can smile with confidence.


► Type of Treatment: To the Root Canal System of the tooth

► Used for: Deep decay, infections of the root canal, dead teeth, extreme tooth sensitivity, deep cracks

► Estimated cost: varies depending on number of tooth roots

► Products used: K3 Rotary Endodontic System, Calcium Hydrozide Antibiotics, Gutta Percha Root Filling with AH26  

► Products made: In Australia in our Laboratory