Porcelain Crowns

Tooth with Dental Crown

A Crown is a strong cover that entirely lies over the top of a tooth, restoring broken down teeth to their ideal anatomical shape and colour, while protecting the remaining tooth structure underneath. Crowns are indicated to strengthen broken down teeth and prevent teeth from breaking; crowns are now used in many different circumstances for many different reasons.

Traditionally Dental Crowns or Caps have been known for their poor ability to mimic the colour and appearance of a natural tooth. With recent advances in the way Crowns are constructed at Smile Artistry™ we are choosing to use E.max Porcelain Crowns and Zirconia-Porcelain Crowns because of their superior cosmetic appearance than traditional Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crowns.

About the treatment

► Treatment required: Local Anaesthetic, Drilling, Impressions, Temporary Crown, Bonding, Insertion of Final Crown

► Number of Appointments: Three

► Typical Treatment Plan includes:

     Visit One: Consultation

     Visit Two: Crown Preparation Appointment

     Visit Three: Crown Insertion Appointment

► Treatment time: 2-3 weeks

► Followup required: Regular Check-ups, bite adjustment, Cleaning of teeth and gums six monthly

The technology

The milling of the inside of a E.max or Zirconia Crown is performed by a CAD-CAM Computer system in our own onsite World Class Laboratory. This provides our Technicians with high strength inside of the crown whilst maintaining extremely high aesthetic properties and an optimal fit, even better than traditional Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crowns. Zirconia is a white material, where metal is a grey material, thus zirconia is an ideal tooth colour substitute. This distinct cosmetic benefit also arises because light can transmit through the coping in a way that perfectly mimics a natural tooth.

A layered Porcelain is layered over the computer milled coping, in a way that personalises the colour and texture to match adjacent teeth.

E.max, Zirconia and Porcelain technology means that Smile Artistry™ can provide a unique combination of both strength and beauty, that is not widely utilised in the Dental Profession as yet.

We do not often use metals, but if we do, then these are the compositions:
Porcelain Fused to Metal: Gold Alloy contains: Au 51.5%, Pd 38.5%, In 8.5%, Ga 1.5%, Re <1.0%
Gold Crown: Gold Alloy contains: Au 68.3%, Pt 2.9%, Pd 3.6%, Ag 10.0%, Cu 13.8%, Zn 1.1%, In <1.0%, Ir <1.0%
Post-cores: Gold Alloy contains: Au 40.0%, Pd 4.0%, Ag 47%, Cu 7.5%, Zn 1.0%, In <1.0%, Ir <1.0%

A traditional Porcelain-fused to Metal Crown versus All Porcelain Crown



► Type of Treatment: To the cover over the entire Tooth

► Used for: Weak or broken teeth, Discoloured Teeth, Chipped Teeth, Crowded Teeth, Spaced Teeth, Cosmetic Enhancement of teeth

► Estimated cost: from $2,106 per Porcelain Crown

► Type of Treatment: To the cover over the entire Tooth

► Used for: Weak or broken teeth, Discoloured Teeth, Chipped Teeth, Crowded Teeth, Spaced Teeth, Cosmetic Enhancement of teeth

► Estimated cost: from $2,106 per Porcelain Crown

 Products used: Emax Pressed, Emax Milled or Emax Layered, Zirconia Milled, Zirconia Milled with Emax layered Porcelain Fused to Gold, Gold (Most often we use Emax which is all porcelain)

► Products made: In Australia in our Laboratory