Teeth Whitening Brochure

Download a pdf version of the Teeth Whitening Brochure

Teeth Whitening is an effective way of enhancing and
brightening your smile instantly

At Smile Artistry we use the Zoom Teeth Whitening System because:
• Comfort - At the Dentist - Teeth Whitening is Safe and Comfortable
• Compliance and Convenience - Good Results with minimal time required
• Cost - Best results, cost effective and long lasting

Who is teeth whitening for?

Anyone over 18 years of age is a candidate, however any visible fillings, crowns, or veneers will not respond to whitening. Our
Dentists perform Free Whitening Consultations to ensure you are suitable and healthy and will get a great result. Of course,
before the whitening procedure you need to have clean and stain-free teeth with healthy gums. Having your hygiene clean
done one to two weeks prior to whitening will ensure this.

The teeth whitening Process:

1. Zoom In-Surgery Teeth Whitening
A two hour visit with our Hygienist and your whitening is complete.
Zoom utilises an intense light which activates the whitening gel in three
processes of 15 minutes duration.
A Complimentary NiteWhite Whitening Kit ensures you can fortify
and maintain the colour changes in the future by wearing the trays
and NiteWhite Gel at home for one to two hours per day for two
to three days after your 6 or 12 monthly cleans at the Dentist.

2. Nite/Day White Home Whitening
Using very thin mouthguard trays made from moulds of your
mouth with NiteWhite Whitening Gels at Home you can whiten and
brighten your smile. Home Whitening is not for everyone because
after each application of whitening solution you will experience a
degree of teeth sensitivity and it takes time! The sensitivity decreases
rapidly, gone after 24 hours, is not painful, it is more like an increased
awareness of your teeth. The gel and trays are applied twice a day for
one to two hours for 10 to 14 days.

Read our Informed Treatment Brochure for further detailsThe Long-term Advantages on offer:

Smile Artistry White

Free Touch-up Teeth Whitening Gels
At each Dental Cleaning Appointment you receive a touch-up Whitening Gel Tube
This offer is for all patients who have had Zoom Whitening at Smile Artistry and you must attend Smile Artistry for cleans at a
minimum every 12 months for this offer to continue

Smile Artistry Zoom On

Save on Zoom Whitening Re-boosts
Have your Zoom Whitening re-boosted at Smile Artistry and save $200 off the price of Zoom Whitening
This offer is for all patients who have had Zoom or Laserbrite at Smile Artistry and you do not require new touch-up whitening
trays at the time of the re-boost

Frequently Asked Questions

What appointments are required?
1. A complimentary Whitening Consultation
2. Teeth Cleaning to maximise your Whitening Result, and impressions can be taken to construct your home whitening
trays. Teeth cleaning is an additional cost to whitening
3. Zoom Teeth Whitening will take less than two hours
4. Follow up of home whitening with Smile Artistry White and Zoom On.
What is Zoom Whitening?
Zoom is a patented whitening system used by dental practices to instantly whiten teeth. A whitening gel is placed onto the
surface of visible teeth and a light activates the gel to instantly dissolve and remove stains built up deep inside the pores of
your teeth.
How long will my whitening last?
Using the long-term programs above will ensure the result is forever.
Is this a painful procedure?
• All Teeth Whitening procedures will result in some mild discomfort/sensitivity for up to 24 hours after the whitening process
• This sensitivity is usually temporary and managed with mild pain relief tablets and tooth gels
Will whitening damage my teeth?
No, it just dissolves the stains inside the pores of the teeth.