Teeth on Implants

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The Past

For decades, dentures have been the first choice if you are unfortunate enough to lose many adult teeth. Some patients love
their dentures, but some experience a distinct change in the quality of their life and enjoyment due to the lack of chewing,
aesthetics and psychological changes.
For patients who want the option of having fixed-in teeth again, Smile Artistry can create functioning teeth for you in days,
giving you your mouth and smile back with modern day Dental Implants.

The Future

The future is now, aided with Australia’s high standard of dental care, technology and techniques which use the latest in cadcam
technologies for safer, pain-free, beautiful and predictable results. At Smile Artistry, our Dentists are trained and qualified
to give you a fully functional set of new teeth, both quickly and safely, following the loss of your adult teeth, allowing you to
have a second chance at smiling with confidence* again.

The Dental Implant Process

‘Teeth on Implants’ can give you a fully functional set of teeth within days. In most cases, teeth removal and implant placement
happen on day one (after prior teeth impressions, and shape mock-up). Provisional teeth are placed on day two or three,
giving you functional teeth during the healing phase. Your final porcelain teeth, are placed following a healing period after your
jaw bone has osseo-integrated with your Dental Implants, meaning the bone has fused and grown onto the surface of your
Dental Implant. Therefore, upon completion, you’ll have beautiful natural looking teeth, allowing you to smile and eat normally

The Dental Implant Benefits

Not only do Teeth on Implants act like real teeth, but other benefits are:
• Maintenance of your jaw bone
• Maintenance of muscle tone in your face and jaw
• Improves aesthetics
• Improves speech
• Improves bite and bite sensation
• Improves your ability to eat and chew
• Your facial expressions improve, become more normal
• Your teeth become more stable
• Your teeth are not removable, permanent replacement
• Your health and wellbeing are improved

So not only are you getting an overall health and psychological improvement,
but you are going back to the most teeth-like feel you can get following tooth
loss. Whilst Teeth on Implants does vary slightly to that of regular teeth, your
aesthetic result is customised at endless lengths to achieve the perfections
and imperfections that you consider ‘you’.

What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a screw that is placed into the bone in your jaw that acts
like a root of a tooth. It is the anchor that a Porcelain Crown is then placed
upon. Teeth are securely fixed to your Dental Implant, and only your Dentist
can remove your teeth for cleaning, repair or replacement. The Dental
Implant is the foundation, the part you do not see. Teeth on Implants
Read our Informed Treatment Brochure on Teeth on Implants for further detailsWhat is Teeth on Implants?
The Teeth on Implants process involves placing a number of Dental Implants into your jaw then placing a permanent full mouth
bridge onto these implants, creating a fully functional set of teeth on your upper, lower or both jaws. Giving you teeth again
and giving you the ability to eat, chew and speak freely again!

Smile Aesthetics

A beautiful smile can be described as a presentation of the teeth and gums that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding
facial features, lips and muscles. In other words, a beautiful smile will complement you. All smiles need to be personalised
and individualised to ensure they are in perfect harmony with your facial features, lips and muscles.

Smile Principles with Teeth on Implants:

• Lip support – Ensuring lips have even support throughout your smile
• Teeth length – Making sure the correct length of teeth are displayed while smiling, laughing, talking and opening your
• Speech – Teeth positioning is very important and vital for correct speech. Your smile will be created to ensure that your
teeth are correctly spaced and positioned for accurate speech and language
Determining the amount your gums show during your smile is an essential element in creating a beautiful smile. Hiding the
junction between the bridge teeth, pink gums and the natural gums also creates a beautiful natural looking smile. Usually
removing the need for a denture, also creates a more aesthetic appearance of the gums and lip support due to removing the
flange of the denture.
Colour matching is also an important aspect when creating a smile to match individuals. Therefore it is important that your
Dentist works closely with the dental laboratory during the colour matching process – this is critical to get the right match.

Getting Started

The first part of the ‘Teeth on Implants’ procedure is to have a Dental Implant Consultation with one of our Dental Implant
Dentists. This costs $100 and is partly covered by your health fund. After this one hour consultation, a 3D scan will be taken to
determine your jaw health and ability to have Dental Implants placed. From this, your Dentist will create your personal ‘Teeth
on Implants’ plan and present this to you with costs, time-frames and treatment outcomes.