Dental Implants Brochure

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Dental Implants are the foundations for Replacement Teeth that look,
feel and chew like normal healthy teeth
Dental Implants are suitable for:
• Single Missing Teeth
• A Few Missing Teeth
• Many Missing Teeth
• All Missing Teeth
Dental Implants are a total replacement for missing, loose or badly broken teeth. The Dental Implant is a titanium fixture which
sits in the jawbone, providing a solid foundation for the visible part of the tooth, usually a Porcelain Crown. The treatment is
performed in two stages. The first stage is to place the Dental Implant, then after healing of between two and six months, the
top of the tooth is placed.
Dental Implant Case Study:
This patient was missing a front tooth. A Dental Implant was used to rebuild the missing tooth so that she was able to smile
Appointments for Dental Implants:
Consultation Appointment: In a Consultation Appointment, our
Dentists will explain in detail what Dental Implants can do for you.
Consultations cost $100, and are partially covered by your health
fund. To provide an accurate Dental Plan your Smile Artistry Dentist
may recommend further X-Ray, 3-D Scans, Impressions and Photos
to be taken.
Implant Placement: The implants are placed in the bone and given
a period of time to heal (two to six months). The procedure is carried
out in the dental chair under local anaesthetic. For areas in the front
of the mouth, so you don’t have a gap, a temporary tooth will be
instantly inserted during this appointment.
Review Appointments: During the healing phase (two to six months)
there may be a few review appointments at which X-rays will be taken to
assess the healing process (approximately 10 minute appointments).
The Permanent Implant Teeth: At this appointment you will have
your Permanent Implant Teeth placed. These will look like any other
natural tooth in your mouth. There may be multiple appointments
during this stage.
At Smile Artistry our skilled professionals provide quality
services making your smile healthy for life
Before Dental Implant After Dental Implant
Read our Informed Treatment Brochure on Dental Implants for further details
Individual Results will varyDental Implants –
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will this whole process take?
From the time of the initial consultation until the Permanent Implant Teeth is usually a period of two to six months.
Is this a painful procedure?
For the majority of patients the most discomfort they will experience will be a little tenderness in the gum from the local
anaesthetic. The patient’s regular form of pain relief such as Panadol, Nurofen etc. is all that is required. For some patients,
the application of a cold pack may help.
What type of care is required for Dental Implant Teeth?
Dental Implants require the same maintenance as natural teeth, including brushing, flossing, and regular six monthly
check-up and cleaning visits.
What are the benefits of Dental Implants?
• A strong Replacement Tooth alike a natural, healthy tooth
• Looks just like a natural, healthy tooth
• Feels just like a natural, healthy tooth
• Chews just like a natural, healthy tooth
• Prevents bone loss and the associated premature ageing
• Other healthy teeth in the mouth are not damaged by bridges or dentures
How much will Dental Implants cost?
The cost will be detailed in your treatment presentation printout. This will be given to you at the time of your treatment
presentation consultation. The Dental Implant healing process can be anywhere from two to six months, so the costs are
spread over this time frame.
What Initial Appointments are usually required?
Consultation: An initial consultation will give you a guide to what treatments are suitable.
Treatment Planning: Your Dentist will perform a detailed analysis using 3D scan technology to determine the most appropriate
Treatment Plan to suit your mouth and get you back to normal appearance and functioning.
Treatment Presentation: This appointment is where we present to you our findings and our recommended options to best
suit your dental needs. Feedback from you is an important part of this process.
Untreated Missing Teeth Traditional Crown & Bridge Dental Implants
with a Crown • unattractive smile
• loss of chewing ability
• accelerated bone loss
• grinds down healthy teeth
• bone loss continues
• greater risk for cavities and
tooth failure
• full chewing ability
• preserve healthy teeth
• prevents bone loss