Decay Management Information

Download the Informed Treatment pdf on Decay Management

Why have a Decay Management Program?

Your teeth will benefit from reduced levels of plaque attack on the teeth and therefore less decay. Less dental care means less cost and ongoing dental treatments. Why not?

What is involved?

Decay Management involves a comprehensive assessment by our Dental Team into your current presenting condition. This assessment includes: Dietary Anaylsis, Oral Exam, Saliva Tests, Bacteria Tests and an assessment of your current Oral Hygiene care at home. A report will be prepared and presented one week later where our dental team will answer questions and make recommendations.

What are the risks?

A decay management program has no risks or coimplications, only that if you need to be willing to make changes to prevent and change the decay you have experienced.

A Decay Management Program is suitable for patient At-Risk of Dental Decay.

How do I prepare for the Treatment?

To prepare you need to complete any forms required including a dietary analysis and hygiene analysis.