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Missing Teeth Problems

There are many reasons why people lose teeth, and it’s not always due to old age or poor dental hygiene. Dentures used to be the default option when it came to filling in the gaps, but these aren’t always a practical choice. Missing teeth cause several other problems, so it is most common for missing teeth problems to be solved with dental implant treatments these days.

3D Computer Planned Dental Implants

New leading Technology at Smile Artistry allows our team to place dental implants with industry leading precision. Having a dental implant is not like buying a tv, where the same tv iwill fit in most loungerooms.

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Dr. Paul McKay | Smile Artistry Toowong / Brisbane / Australia

Mini Dental Implants

Smaller sized dental implants, known as mini dental implants, are fairly new technology and have been researched very little, but are used for people who have limited space in their jaw and who therefore cannot have full sized implants fitted.

Today, ocassionally we see the use of Mini Dental Implants as a cheaper alternative to conventional Dental Implants. In situations of normal load, mini-dental implants are at risk of breaking as seen in the xrays.

Teeth on Implants Infographic

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Dental Implant Procedures

Many people are put off the idea of having dental implants because they imagine the whole process will be time consuming and painful, when in fact the very opposite is the case. Having a single dental implant placed is a quick procedure, and can typically be done in around an hour.

Tooth Implant, future or now?

In the media recently is a group of scientists growing a tooth implant from urine! A novel approach, and it go us at Smile Artistry thinking...

Could you have a tooth removed and just have a new one implanted?

The article read about how scientists have extracted gorwth potential from urine to grow tooth-like substances.  The substance was only one third as strong as tooth enamel and was only successful 30% of the time.

Denture replacement with Dental Implants

Replacing your dentures with Dental Implants can give you a return to proper eating, chewing, function and smiling.

New technologies, techniques and materials now at Smile Artistry are allowing for you to have your full dentures replaced with dental implants and fixed-in bridges in a short few days.  To help prospective clients understand this treatment we have created a website all about it, Teeth on Implants at

Dental implants – the way of the future

Dentures used to be the only way to replace several missing teeth. Many people who are missing their top or bottom teeth have dentures, but they can be hard to maintain and uncomfortable for many. As technology has evolved, so has dentistry. The past decade has seen a big shift in tooth replacement and dentists now have other options, including the use of dental implants.

Dental implant pain


Dental Implant treatments are very much a pain-free treatment in the vast majority of cases...


proper techniques and medication protocol is required.

The Surgery

Dental Implant pain is often the first thought of a patient undergoing dental implant procedures.  This is not the case. During the appointment you will have local anaesthetic so that you do not feel any part of the procedure.  This is just like having a filling done.