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What are wisdom teeth and why so many people have them removed?

Everyone has heard of wisdom teeth but many people do not understand what they actually are. And with wisdom teeth removal a common procedure, many don’t know why we have them or what their purpose is. Before getting your wisdom teeth assessed for removal, understanding the basics is essential.

The tooth fairy – helping kids learn about dental care

The tooth fairy is more than a myth. She is a way to teach your kids. While the tooth fairy is primarily about making losing teeth fun rather than scary, she is also about proper dental care and creating lifelong habits to ensure a sparkling grin for the rest of your child’s life. For parents, it is important to use this time to teach your children in a fun and engaging way.

Preventative Dentistry - Hygiene/Flossing/Brushing

Flossing and interdental cleaning Brushing alone will not clean all the way between teeth. Regular dental flossing is really the only answer for most people although interdental brushes or water picks are useful where there are larger spaces between teeth.

Various flosses and dental tapes are available and it is recommended that the choice of floss should be one that suits you.

Step 1 Wind floss around your middle fingers to keep it taut. Place the floss over the tips of your first fingers to reach your back teeth.

Top5 Most Common Dental Problems

Some people are too embarrassed to get their teeth checked if there is a problem. However, the truth is that almost any oral health problem you may have has been seen by the dentist hundreds of times before. Below are five of the most common dental problems dentists see in their clinics.

Is 'Root Canal' a bad word"?

Many patients don’t know what a root canal treatment really is, they just hear the name and think of all the bad press a root canal treatment gets. When really they are not bad at all, in fact they are great because they save your tooth from an extraction which no one wants.

Caffeine and Your Mouth

Many of us are aware that coffee and tea causes teeth staining and are concerned about the aesthetics, however most are not aware that caffeine, found in coffee, tea, soft drink and energy drinks, can have an adverse effect on your oral health.

Mouthrinses - What mouthrinses are best for you?

Good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining health teeth and gums. Good oral home care includes twice daily brushing and flossing and the use of a mouthrinse. Choosing a mouthrinse can be confusing as there are many types of mouthrinses on the market claiming to do different things. It is wise to choose a mouthrinse that will help with any issues you may have with your teeth or gums.

Sensitive Teeth

A common question I have on a daily basis is, “Why are my teeth sensitive” and “Is there anything I can do to help relieve my sensitive teeth?”

Many adults suffer with sensitive teeth. The pain is short, sharp and often sudden and can be triggered by cold, hot or sweet foods and drinks, or even just breathing in cold air.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a common concern or problem for many people, and can have a major impact on their life. Because of bad breath, others may back away or turn their heads and this can cause a loss of confidence and self-esteem. Speaking to your dentist or dental hygienist will help to identify the cause of bad breath and find the most effective treatment for you.

Diabetes and Dental Health

Good dental health is important for everyone, but people with diabetes should take special care with their dental health and be vigilant about brushing and flossing. People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and poor control of blood sugar levels, are at greater risk of developing dental health problems.