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How to achieve a ‘perfect smile’

Achieving a ‘perfect smile’ is something that many people would love. At Smile Artistry, we have many treatment options available to help our patients achieve their perfect smile. Our patient’s tell us that after they have achieved their perfect smile they smile a lot more, are happier and more confident in their daily lives.Teeth Whitening

What dental implants are...

A dental implant is an artificial root replacement of a tooth. A dental implant is made of special titanium which is integrated into the jaw bone. This gives a solid foundation for a porcelain crown.

What stages are involved with a Dental Implant? This treatment is done in to stages, the first stage is the placement of the dental implant and then after the healing time between 3 and 6 months the top of the tooth is placed.

Tooth Sensitivity

As a Dental Hygienist working at Smile Artistry, one of the most common questions I am faced with on a daily basis is, “Why are my teeth sensitive” and “Is there anything I can do to help relieve my sensitive teeth?”