Why Smile Artistry - our advantage

Why Smile Artistry

A Dental Practice that integrates General Dental Care with Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implant Care.

A Dental Practice with a long-term focus on the health of your mouth.

A Dental Practice that is accredited to hospital standards.

A Dental Practice with Dental Technicians onsite with the most modern Cad-cam facilities.

A Dental Practice with the latest technologies.

A Dental Practice with Twilight Sedation facilities.

A Dental Practice with experience in creating 1,000s of Smile Makeovers. 

A Dental Practice that is available locally in Brisbane. 

Dental Hygienists

Our Dental Hygienists spend a minimum 40 minutes for routine teeth cleaning appointments. This blasts the traditional standard of a Dentist cleaning your teeth in only 5 minutes. The result, a clean that is comfortable and thorough enough to enhance the health your teeth and gums. Combine this with routine six monthly cleans and check-ups and your dental problems will be diagnosed earlier, emergency dental will reduce, reducing your emergency dental costs and ensuring the long-term health of your teeth and gums.

Dental Laboratory

Our onsite Dental Laboratory has experienced Dental Technicians who are able to meet with you and check the colour and shapes of your new teeth and discuss personally with you how you would like your teeth to appear.  The most modern 3 Shape D900 scanner has resolution in scans that surpasses the industry norm.  With many Brisbane Dental Practices sending crowns and porcelain veneers to be made overseas, this onsite guarantee gives security your teeth are Australian made and guaranteed to Australian standards and expectations.

Porcelain Crowns

Using modern Emax Porcelain and Full Contour Translucent Zirconia Technology, our Dental Laboratory is able to create beautiful appearing and super-strong Porcelain Crowns without internal metal components. Difficult for a patient to be able to see until a few years later, but a poorly fitting crown at the edges is a crown which will simply not last.  Precision in crowns is everything,  New scanning and Cad-cam milling assists this process, but doesnt replace a quality Dental Technician to do final fitting and finíshing of a Crown.  So, whilst many dentists go and make Crowns in an hour, and in our experience a quick crown usually isn't made from a material built to last nor to fit accurately.  A good crown is a good crown, something that should last for decades.


Our Dentists plan your treatment to be long-term not a quick fix for painful results. Looking at good preventive and dental care principles can save a patient thousands in the long-run by finding and treating developing problems before they become a major issue. Have you ever felt frustrated that something has happened to your teeth and wished you did something before it happened?


Dentists who are all experienced and local Australian Dental Graduates with Honours.  Our Dentists must comply with Dental Board Guidelines and keep up to date with the most relevant new techniques and technologies.  Not only are our Dentists qualified to provide advanced Dental Treatments such as Dental Implants but they are accredited by the ICOI with Diplomate status in Dental Implant Treatments.


Patients of Smile Artistry can feel assured our Team is scheduled to be able to offer emergency care to suit the situation.  A toothache? You will be offered an appointment straight away. With a team of over 20 staff, we can offer care that is quick and effective in times of an emergency.