After Fillings Instructions


   ► Wait for numbness to wear off before eating
   ► Avoid very hot and very cold food and drinks if your tooth is sensitive
   ► Take a mild pain relief tablet as prescribed to assist with any light awareness from your treatment (if you feel necessary)


   ► The tooth to be extra-sensitive for a few days-weeks
   ► The numbness (anaesthetic) to last for up to 4-5 hours 
   ► A large filling or tooth with a crack to require a crown over the tooth and filling

ITS OK FOR . . .

   ► The tooth to be tender and very sensitive as long as it improves day-by-day
   ► Your bite to feel slightly funny until the anaesthetic wears off 


   ► You experience a tooth-ache
   ► Your bite feels high and uncomfortable 24 hours later
   ► There is any roughness of sharpness that bothers you 


► The Nerve inside the tooth may respond to become sensitive or painful
 If the Nerve can overcome this, the sensitivity will settle down and go away
 If the Nerve does not overcome this, it will become painful or sensitivity will not go away and the tooth will require Root Canal Treatment or other further treatments
► So, if you have a toothache, cant bite on your tooth, you need to return to the Dentist to see if further treatment is needed.

Even though your tooth may not be sore or sensitive before the filling, it can become so afterwards.  This occurs due to the tooth having a good seal formed again, and in turn if there is deeper problems they become evident as pressure begins to build up.  Unfortunately your Dentist cannot predict this in some cases before it happens.

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