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Missing Teeth Problems

There are many reasons why people lose teeth, and it’s not always due to old age or poor dental hygiene. Dentures used to be the default option when it came to filling in the gaps, but these aren’t always a practical choice. Missing teeth cause several other problems, so it is most common for missing teeth problems to be solved with dental implant treatments these days.

Teeth Whitening Infographic

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What are wisdom teeth and why so many people have them removed?

Everyone has heard of wisdom teeth but many people do not understand what they actually are. And with wisdom teeth removal a common procedure, many don’t know why we have them or what their purpose is. Before getting your wisdom teeth assessed for removal, understanding the basics is essential.

How often should you see the dentist?

Having good oral health is key to having good health in general. Therefore you need to make certain that you have regular check-ups. Regular check ups will not only prevent decay, but a wide range of other health issues. So just how often should you see the dentist? Let’s find out.

Can I afford teeth whitening?

Whether it’s for your wedding or your birthday, or just because you graduated university, having a sparkling white smile in your photos is one of the best investments you can make. A shiny set of teeth cannot only make your photos look good, but make you feel good from the inside out. Sometimes you need that something extra to make you feel like a million dollars. Smile Artistry can help with their Zoom 3 Teeth Whitening technology.

Dental Implant Procedures

Many people are put off the idea of having dental implants because they imagine the whole process will be time consuming and painful, when in fact the very opposite is the case. Having a single dental implant placed is a quick procedure, and can typically be done in around an hour.

Common foods and drinks which stain your teeth!

Do you suffer from discoloured teeth? If so, your definitely not alone. Coffee, cigarettes, wine and soft drinks all have a negative effect on the colour of our teeth, often leaving them stained and lack lustre.

Even some otherwise healthy fruits and juices can cause unsightly marks to appear on your teeth. Our list below highlights foods and drinks that stain your teeth and provides advice on how to maintain a whiter, brighter smile.

The tooth fairy – helping kids learn about dental care

The tooth fairy is more than a myth. She is a way to teach your kids. While the tooth fairy is primarily about making losing teeth fun rather than scary, she is also about proper dental care and creating lifelong habits to ensure a sparkling grin for the rest of your child’s life. For parents, it is important to use this time to teach your children in a fun and engaging way.

Preventative Dentistry - Hygiene/Flossing/Brushing

Flossing and interdental cleaning Brushing alone will not clean all the way between teeth. Regular dental flossing is really the only answer for most people although interdental brushes or water picks are useful where there are larger spaces between teeth.

Various flosses and dental tapes are available and it is recommended that the choice of floss should be one that suits you.

Step 1 Wind floss around your middle fingers to keep it taut. Place the floss over the tips of your first fingers to reach your back teeth.