How to Pay for Dental Work

If you require substantial dental work or treatment, covering the cost can be daunting. This is especially true in the case of emergency dental treatment, where you haven’t necessarily had a chance to plan for that filling, root canal or extraction.


Whether you’re looking to plan ahead and budget for dental work in the future, or you’re currently experiencing tooth pain and worried about how to pay for dental work, there are a number of dental plan and payment options to help keep your smile at its best, within your budget.

Be proactive

Budgeting for bi-annual dental work is a fantastic way to ensure you always have funds available should the need for treatment arise. It’s recommended that you have regular checkups with your dentist to maintain good oral health, and to catch potential dental issues before they become expensive and painful problems.

Booking a checkup every six months or so and marking it in your diary is a great way to plan ahead, and budget for any necessary work in advance. Browse our general prices to get an idea of how much an unexpected treatment may cost, and start putting aside money each week or fortnight.

Saving just over $15 a week for six months will leave you with enough money to cover the cost of your regular checkup, an x-ray, and a white-resin filling, for example.

Choose a personalised dental plan

Want more cost certainty to help you plan ahead? Would you prefer to make automatic payments, to ensure the money really is reserved for dental care, than try and set the funds aside yourself?

We offer a range of comprehensive dental plan options, so you can package up your dental treatment costs in advance. Whether you’re looking for a dental plan to cover your preventative dental care such as general checkups and cleanings, or you’re interested in a restorative treatment dental plan, we can customise a plan to suit your needs.

Read more about our dental plan options to see if a dental plan is right for you.

Get the right health insurance

You may be able to arrange general dental or major dental insurance as part of your private health cover, which will allow you to offset the costs of your policy and cover most – if not all – of your dental care treatment. 

When it comes to dental insurance it’s important to shop around for the best policy to meet your needs, and double-check policy inclusions and exclusions to ensure you’re going to be covered when you need it. All private health insurance providers are different. While some provide a ‘no GAP’ dental service with free check-ups, cleans and fluoride treatments, others stipulate a stand-down period for dental work, or specify which dentists can carry out your treatment.

If in doubt, ask your current private health insurance provider, or talk to your dentist about recommended partners.

Smile now, pay later

If you need dental treatment urgently and you do not currently have access to private dental cover or a dental plan, there are payment options to help you get the care you need now, while allowing you to pay later.

Like most dentists, we accept major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard and American Express, but we also have interest free payment options which give you up to 12 months to pay off the cost of your dental treatment without accruing interest.

Not sure which dental plan or payment option is right for you? Contact us now online or by calling 07 3870 3344 to discuss your dentistry requirements and budget.