Congratulations to Dr Paul McKay and Dr John Bacalakis

dr-paul-mckay-and-dr-john-kois-kois-centre-graduate-2016.jpgDr Paul McKay becomes a Graduate at the Kois Centre, Seattle USA

Dr John Bacalakis becomes a Graduate at the Kois Centre, Seattle, USA

Dr Paul and Dr John are commited to Dental Excellence and completion of the Kois Center Program is proof of this.

The Kois Program is a Nine Program course covering four essential components of Dental Treatment: Gums, Teeth, Function, and Appearance.  Over the program Dr Paul and Dr John travelled to Seattle, USA over six times each and each spent over 300 hours at the Kois Center.

The Nine Courses included

  • Treatment Planning 1 Diagnostically Driven
  • Functional Occlusion 1
  • Restorative/Periodontal Interface
  • Biomechanics 1
  • Biomechanics 2
  • Dental Implants - Fixed Retained
  • Dental Implants - Removable Retained
  • Functional Occlusion 2
  • Treatment Planning 2 Interactive Case Management

The courses give Dr Paul and Dr John the systematic and necessary thought processes to create and take patients through treatment plans in complex situations.

The program is based on a health model for the mouth varying from the traditional disease model which focused on treating breakdown of the teeth and gums after problems arise such as decay, gum disease or toothache.

Smile Artistry's patients see immediate benefit of this new teeth and gum health model and the benefits of predicting and preventing breakdown prior to it occurring.